Jun 12 • 5M

Breathe in love and contentment...


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A weekly loving-kindness meditation.
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Monday Mettā

a new + beautiful way to experience Mondays

I breathe in love and contentment, I breathe out worry and fear

When we are nervous and constantly worried, we are stuck. We block any good ideas, creative workarounds, or acceptance of whatever is currently happening by focusing on pervasive worry. We’ve all heard the advice to “take a deep breath” in the midst of a panic. This is founded— it helps our body and nervous system pause so that we can think clearly.

But if we forget, which we often do, to breathe and pause, we become unable to make confident and clear choices. We leave ourselves blocked, closed to possibility.

If you believe in anything more magical than the physical (call it universal consciousness, God, higher guidance, whatever suits you), you’re aware that fussing with the granular, the discontent, or habitual anxiety makes it harder to listen to those higher wisdoms. A simple mettā, or just a pause, helps open us back up to messages of calm and clarity.

So glad you’re here.