Jul 18 • 4M

I trust...


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A weekly loving-kindness meditation.
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I trust my body. I trust my heart. I use my body and heart as a resource.

When I’m in the throes of decision making, whether its a small one (what to eat for dinner) or a large one (how to spend my money and time) or a mammoth one (health stuff!), I tend to jump to conclusions, and then judgement, before actually listening to what I really need. Something I’m learning to do is to use my body as a resource in my decision making.

For some, especially anyone who has experienced long-term trauma, an anxiety disorder, or struggles with control issues, finding trust in our bodies and hearts is really challenging. Is my anxiety a sign that I shouldn’t do something? Or is it simply a habit of thought?

Today’s mettā is meant as a reminder that there IS trust to be found in the body and heart. As with every mettā, you may not feel it is true to you right away, but it is the beginning of an affirmation that could eventually feel like your experience.